10/02/2015 10:21 EDT | Updated 10/02/2016 05:12 EDT

Incorrect Voter Information Cards Sent Out To Hundreds Of Canadians

CBC News has learned that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people may have difficulty casting a ballot in this election after receiving incorrect voter information cards.

Elections Canada says there's a problem in various parts of the country.

Voters in Yukon, B.C., and Saskatchewan say mistakes were made about polling station locations by the body that runs elections in this country. Elections Canada says more than 300 people in Yukon will be receiving new cards.

Some of the cards advised people to travel hundreds of kilometres from their home to vote on election day or in advance polls. 

Elections Canada says it's investigating. Officials say they plan to reissue hundreds of voter information cards but they admit time is running out.

They say corrected information cards need to be mailed by Oct. 13 in order to get there by voting day.

Voter information cards are not required in order to cast a ballot, but contain information about the polling station's location. Voters should check the locations listed on their cards to see if they seem unusual or inconvenient. 


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