10/02/2015 12:48 EDT

Sweden Businesses Are Increasingly Experimenting With 6 Hour Workdays

A growing number of businesses in Sweden are experimenting with a six-hour workday in an attempt to increase productivity, and it's been working.

In other cases, not only productivity increased as a result of shorter workdays. A Toyota service centres in Gothenburg, Sweden switched to six-hour workdays 13 years ago and has since increased profits by 25 per cent.

The theory is that employees will be less tired and less stressed if they work six-hour days, and that means fewer mistakes and more productive workers.

Linus Feldt, a CEO out of Stockholm, implemented the shorter work day and told Global News that even with shorter hours the same amount of work can be accomplished, but people are generally happier to come into the office this way.

Feldt said that he encourages his staff to use the extra time to do something for themselves, like take a class or spend more time with their families.

Whether or not the idea could work in Canada has some people skeptical, including Joe Martin, of the Rotman School of Management. Martin told Global that introducing the concept here could make the country less competitive with the U.S.

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