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Remembering Life's Milestones (And The Unique Pains That Come With Them)

Woman rubbing aching back
Woman rubbing aching back

Once you’ve put a few years under your belt, you come to learn that no great thing in life comes for free. So while childbirth was a heavenly event, it also hurt like hell. Same goes for playing sports with your kids or running your first marathon. So we paired some absolutely huge milestone events with the pain that can be expected to follow them.

Everything is cramping: Your first road trip

It’s easy to underestimate the cramps and pains that come with your first long road trip. I mean, it’s not like you’re doing some rigorous activity; you’re pretty much just sitting for the duration of the drive or flight, right? Actually, there are real pains and cramps that come with sitting sedentary for hours in a moving vehicle. Even if your priorities lie more with getting closer to your fabulous destination and less with making seemingly needless pit stops, do take the time to stand up and stretch your sore muscles every few hours. Your knees, neck, and spine will thank you!

Why am I still sore? Your first child

In a cruel twist of fate, the arrival of your bundle of joy will also bring with it a bundle of pains long after you leave the hospital. Whether you had a natural delivery or a C-section, you’ll find that your abdomen and sides will be aching and your back will be strained from the incredible amount of tension that comes with pushing. If you’ve chosen a C-section, expect to feel a lot of abdominal pains from what is considered a major surgery. But like scars, time heals all – the first few weeks of your post-partum pains, while they can be painful, are not permanent. Remember to rest and relax, and take pain medication if necessary.

Did my knees just crack? Your first place

Getting the keys to a place you can call your own is just the beginning; there are so many physically demanding things that require your attention when you make the move! Did you think those boxes would pack and unpack by themselves? Or how about that couch? Even with an extra set of helping hands, you’ll feel that ache in your back the next morning from carrying it up the stairs. Even the smallest, most menial tasks add up to a whole new world of body ache. Remember to lift with your knees (not your back!) and take it easy — your new place will look polished in no time.

I still feel wired! Your first full marathon

Training for and completing a marathon (or any major sports activity, for that matter) is invigorating and awesome. What you may not expect to feel, though, is the aching that continues to linger a few days after you’ve crossed the finish line. Your body’s been pushed to its far limits — can you really blame it for remaining tense long afterwards? Hydrate and refuel with small snacks and meals, and don’t forget to stretch your muscles and go on shorter walks to shake out your limbs. Doing some aftercare for yourself is just as important as beating your personal best.

I’ll sit out for this one, kid! Your first kiddy sports game

You’ve always been the athletic type, so you assumed that playing some sports and running around with the little ones would be a piece of cake, right? Surely your older age can keep up with your sprightly offspring and their friends regardless of how many years it’s been since you played varsity soccer. Well, little children playing outdoors are tiny forces to be reckoned with, so don’t be surprised if you feel your knees cracking and back aching while the little ones holler at you to come play tag for the thirteenth time. By all means, be active and enjoy the time you have with them. Just don’t feel guilty about sitting out every so often to recharge and relax.

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