10/05/2015 01:20 EDT | Updated 10/05/2015 01:59 EDT

Native Americans Weigh In On Cultural Appropriation At Music Festivals

Cultural appropriation has become somewhat of a fashion trend at music festivals, from headdresses to bindis, and people are tired of explaining why it's disrespectful.

When a story breaks about someone accused of cultural appropriation, Internet users are quick to update their statuses and hashtag the incident to death, but what about the people whose identity is actually being stolen?

In a recent video from BuzzFeed, Native Americans are asked to look at a series of photos of people wearing headdresses, regalia and even a loincloth at festivals, and their reactions say it all.

"I'm very certain this guy's loincloth didn't need to be that long," says one woman in the video above.

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