10/05/2015 05:44 EDT | Updated 10/05/2015 05:59 EDT

Sexy Pizza Rat Is Peak Stupid Sexy Costume

We've seen a sexy clownfish. A sexy shark attack. Sexy French fries.

But a sexy pizza rat? That's a new one. has a treasure trove of ridiculous sexy costumes. But we're astonished at this one, which, we presume, is based on a YouTube video that shows a rodent carrying a slice of pizza into a New York subway station.

Here's what the costume looks like:

sexy pizza rat costume

For US$89.95, you too can dress as a rat dragging pizza along the ground in a public subway station. But in a sexy way.

What's next? Sexy sneezing baby panda?

Sexy dramatic look gopher?

Sexy keyboard cat?

Now that we think about it, the last three would probably be better than this one.

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