Taylor Swift's Curse On Baseball Won't Affect The Blue Jays

She can't touch those Jays. No way.

While Taylor Swift's popularity might know no bounds, she could be having trouble finding #squad members among sports fans in Toronto right now.

Swift, who played two concerts at the Rogers Centre, where the Toronto Blue Jays play baseball, this weekend, has been called out as a "curse" on baseball teams by the Atlantic — and the prophecy has proved accurate so far.

The Jays lost two games in a row in Tampa Bay following Swift's concerts at their home stadium, but as we mention in the video above, we refuse to put any stock in the superstition. The Jays haven't even had a chance to play at home yet, clearing the space of this supposed — dare we say it? — bad blood.

And besides, an enormously popular parody song about the Jays is to the tune of Swift's "Blank Space." She's on our team guys. And we refuse to believe otherwise.

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