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Wyatt Scott, Independent Candidate In B.C., Has Another Glorious Campaign Ad

He mounted a soaring Canada Goose, thrust a sword into a dragon's head and grew a beard in front of our very eyes.

But now, Wyatt Scott wants to get serious.

The independent candidate in the B.C. riding of Mission—Matsqui—Fraser-Canyon released a new campaign ad on Sunday that features a much more relaxed setting (piano, paintings on the wall, a sword on top of the fireplace).

"We've had a little bit of fun recently together, haven't we?" he says in the clip, probably alluding to the joy of murdering a winged legendary beast.

"Well now I'd like to take it a bit more seriously with you guys," Scott adds, as the sound of gargantuan footsteps is heard in the background.

And serious he gets — at least for a little bit. Scott says in the video that as a candidate he would bring back social programs "that the Harper government has cut."

"I'll also vote for free, universal post-secondary education," says Scott, when A GUITAR-PLAYING BIGFOOT EMERGES.

Imagine this walking around the House of Commons.

As the musically inclined mythical beast plays, Scott says that he would promote green technologies to preserve his riding's natural heritage.

Then all hell breaks loose.

First, Scott drops the mic (literally, many times):

Now imagine this in the House of Commons.

"Hit it, Bigfoot!" he says, before we are treated to a battle between "SALMAN" AND "BEARTRAND":

We must DEMAND this in the House of Commons.

The video ends with Scott flying and shooting lasers out of his eyes — the usual — while the infamous Canada Goose from his original ad crashes into the screen.

Scott's first video, which took away the collective breath of the Internet, has been viewed more than 1.4 million times since it was uploaded in June.

He told The Huffington Post Canada that the first ad was designed to catch attention, and was shot in a day with a crew of student filmmakers.

He said he knows independent candidates face tough odds, but that isn't deterring him from trying to represent his community.

"I'm a realist but I am an optimist at the same time — it is a one-in-a-million shot. I understand that the odds of an Independent getting in are so slim, it's been done once in the history of modern-day politics, in Quebec from a radio personality, [André Arthur]."

You can check out more of Scott's platform at his website.

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