10/06/2015 11:38 EDT | Updated 10/06/2015 11:59 EDT

'The Neverending Story' Dad Seems Strangely Familiar

The 1980s blessed us with some of the greatest fantasy movies ever made. And one of the best is "The Neverending Story." It told the story of a young daydreamer named Bastian (Barret Oliver), who was swept into the wondrous world of Fantasia, just by opening a book.

Bastian's story was sad: his mother had died, he was bullied at school, and his father just wasn't there for him in a way that he needed. He would tell his son to, "stop daydreaming, start facing your problems, OK?"

bastian dad

Re-watching the movie recently, we couldn't help but feel a little déjà vu at a scene between Bastian and his dad.

Where had we seen this man before?

gerald mcraney

Of course!

Bastian's father was played by none other than Gerald McRaney, whom we've seen more recently in "House of Cards." He played Raymond Tusk, a billionaire backer of U.S. President Garret Walker (Michel Gill), under whom Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) served as vice-president.

Underwood and Tusk engaged in an all-out battle in season two, as the vice-president tried to diminish his rival's influence on the Oval Office. The pressure really got to Tusk at times.

(Yes, that's him killing a bird.)

McRaney is a longtime actor who has starred in such TV shows as "Major Dad" and "Simon & Simon." His most recent roles are on the A&E series "Longmire" and in the Will Smith movie "Focus."

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