10/07/2015 13:46 EDT | Updated 10/07/2016 01:12 EDT

Alberta education minister dismisses PC criticism on school construction delays

EDMONTON — Alberta's education minister is firing back at the former Progressive Conservative government over criticism stemming from massive delays in school construction.

Progressive Conservative Leader Ric McIver says ambitious timelines to build or refurbish almost 200 schools were on track until the NDP took over this spring.

McIver says bureaucrats told him the projects could and would be done on time.

But Education Minister David Eggen says it became clear in recent weeks that about 100 of those projects will be delayed past 2016, many for almost a year.

Eggen says he has no evidence that shows bureaucrats misled the former government.

He says the fault lies with the PCs for making promises on school construction the bureaucrats had no hope of meeting.