10/07/2015 05:28 EDT | Updated 10/07/2016 05:12 EDT

Free Transit In Prince George On Election Day

The unanimous decision was made in less than a few minutes.


The city of Prince George will be offering residents a free ride to voting stations on October 19.  

City council approved a motion on Monday to let riders hop on transit for free on election day with the goal of increasing voter turnout and transit ridership. 

The unanimous decision was made in less than a few minutes, but one councillor did warn voters to make sure they are getting on the right bus. 

"I did learn through Elections Canada that unlike Elections BC you have to go to the station your voting card designates you to. So if people are riding the bus, be very careful to read the card so you don't show up at the wrong station because it might be a long bus ride to the next one," said councillor Jillian Merrik.

BC Transit says it is working with a handful of communities to offer free transit on October 19. 

The provincial agency provides services to over 130 communities with over 80 transit systems. 

BC Transit says it will work with other communities that may be interested in offering free transit on election day —  an idea that some on social media are already pushing for.


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