10/07/2015 19:27 EDT | Updated 10/07/2016 01:12 EDT

Judge says funny ads promoting Muslim film can ride New York subway over operator's objection

NEW YORK — A judge has given a green light to light-hearted New York City subway advertisements promoting a documentary about American Muslim comedians.

The ads for the 2013 film "The Muslims Are Coming!" were rejected this year by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which operates the subway system and the rest of the nation's largest mass transit network. The MTA concluded they violated its ban on political ads.

A federal judge said Wednesday she can't conclude the ads created by two Muslim comedians were political. She calls it "utterly unreasonable" to let an MTA official make an arbitrary conclusion based on no articulated standard that an advertisement including the word "Muslims" is political.

The ads were supposed to run in April and May before the MTA rejected them.

The MTA says it's reviewing the judge's ruling.

The Associated Press