10/07/2015 13:57 EDT | Updated 10/07/2016 01:12 EDT

Nicaraguan dog to be flown to Ottawa for snout-saving surgery

An Ottawa veterinarian is preparing to fly in a dog from Nicaragua to perform snout-saving surgery.

Graham Thatcher says a stranger posted a video of Tyson's deep gash on Instagram and asked for help.

He says Tyson, a beagle mix, was hurt accidently when his owner was clearing brush in the jungle with a machete about a year ago.

Thatcher says the dog's mouth and nasal cavity are visible through the severe gash and he needs surgery to alleviate his suffering.

He had arranged to fly the dog with United Airlines, which cancelled the flight because the dog's injury was too severe.

But a United spokesman says they reversed course, and are now paying for a flight for Thatcher and the dog to get to Houston from Nicaragua. Air Canada will fly the dog to Ottawa for the surgery.

The Canadian Press