9 Great Ideas For What To Bring To Thanksgiving Dinner

Hint: It's not flowers.
Thanksgiving pies
Thanksgiving pies

If you're attending a Thanksgiving dinner this weekend, you've probably been wondering about what you should bring.

Hopefully by this point you've contacted your host and asked what, if anything, you can contribute to the meal.

But when you're invited as a guest, it's also a nice idea to bring a little something extra to thank your hosts for having you.

While boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers are always lovely, we've come up with a few ideas below.

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Whether they're for guests to take home or to help the host put leftovers away, that's their call. But they'll certainly appreciate having them.
Something For Breakfast
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Sure, there's lots for dinner, but your host will likely appreciate having something delicious and no-fuss to eat the next day. Cinnamon rolls and fruit salad are a good bet.
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You can never have too much wine. Even if no one is drinking at the dinner, your host can use it to regift some other time.
Sandwich Fixings
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Much like bringing breakfast, giving your hosts all the ingredients they'll need for turkey sandwiches the next day is a welcome treat.
Board Game
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After-dinner entertainment, and a game the host can enjoy for ages afterwards? Sounds like a win-win to us.
Serving Dish (Plus Dessert)
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Of course it's lovely to bring an addition to the meal (once you've checked what's needed), but go the extra mile and put it on a serving plate the host can keep.
Herbal Tea
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It's the kind of thing not everyone loves spending money on, but is great to have for other guests — not to mention for the chilly winter ahead.
Personalized Napkins
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Many craft stores carry napkins that will have the host's last initial on them. They can use them for this dinner, or any ones they might have going forward.
Something For The Kids
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Children aren't known for their patience, so giving them a specialized activity (like new colouring books, stickers or plain old books) for after the meal will keep them happy and distracted.

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