10/08/2015 02:56 EDT | Updated 10/08/2015 02:59 EDT

Christina Hendricks' Clairol Commercial Banned In The U.K. For 'Misleading' Message

Looks like things aren't so Nice 'n Easy for Clairol.

Christina Hendricks and Clairol have just learned the hard way that there is no fooling the British public.

The "Mad Men" star's Nice 'n Easy commercial has been pulled in the U.K. by the Advertising Standards Authority for misleading viewers with Hendricks' red to blond dye job.

Two viewers, both senior hair-colour educators, started to question the capability of the product and "understood the colour change depicted could not have been achieved using the product alone." They filed a complaint, which led to the ad being banned.

The ASA determined Procter & Gamble shot the 40-year-old actress with blond locks BEFORE shooting her with red. (Christina is a natural blond who has Clairol to thank for her signature fiery locks, as the brand was the first to make her a redhead.)

It was revealed in October of 2014, before P&G had her go blond, that Hendricks went eight weeks without colouring her hair so that the red would begin to fade out. When it was time to shoot the first part of the commercial, the company dyed her hair blond. The next day, they dyed her hair back to red for the second part of the shoot. (Complicated, right?)

When the A-list star's hair was then dyed back to blond in 2015, hair pros noticed the colour was not nearly as "vibrant" as it had been in the originally shot commercial.

Long story short, going from red to blond is a process -- multiple colour changes and in-salon treatments would definitely be needed. The commercial suggests that you can complete the drastic change in the blink of an eye.

So what have we learned? Don't go fooling hair specialists.

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