10/08/2015 01:28 EDT | Updated 10/08/2015 01:59 EDT

Top 15 Men's Grooming Products For Fall 2015

You can thank us in the spring.

In true Canadian fashion, fall’s descent has been fast and furious. While just over two weeks ago temperatures were in the high 20s, the mercury now regularly dips into the single digits between dusk and dawn. You’d be in good company if you too were wondering why we live here. Hence why there’s a hockey team in Florida.

Complaining about the weather aside, the sudden drop in temperatures can spell out unsightly and uncomfortable issues for men who like to take care in their appearance. With dryness outdoors due to the cold, dryness indoors because of heaters and nipping autumn wind blowing in your face constantly, even the most stoic of sirs may find their skin red, irritated or breaking out in the dreaded adult acne -- especially after shaving.

Before you get lazy or cheap by trying to MacGyver your girlfriend/sister/BFF's moisturizers, don’t bother; thanks to testosterone, men’s skin differs from women’s in that it tends to be oiler, more acidic, denser and thicker. (Read: You need to pony up for products of your own.)

Cosmetics shopping may be a pain, but it’s certainly easier than dry skin. Let us take the edge off and narrow down the best men’s grooming picks for fall 2015 for you. You can thank us in the spring.

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