10/07/2015 20:12 EDT | Updated 10/07/2016 01:12 EDT

Mom seeks justice for teen daughter after B.C. refuses to review 19-year-old's suicide

VICTORIA — British Columbia's children's ministry is rejecting a call for a review of the suicide of a teenager who died the day after she turned 19 and left government care.

Grieving mother Lisa Fraser says she wants justice for her daughter Carly and needs answers about the government care her daughter received in the years prior to her suicide.

Carly Fraser died on December 21, 2014 when she jumped from Vancouver's Lions Gate Bridge.

A witness saw Carly Fraser jump to her death and her body was never found, but a journal with a final entry was discovered near the bridge.

Fraser says she signed a voluntary care agreement with the Ministry of Children and Family Development to care for her daughter when she was 15.

Fraser says she was suffering from depression at the time and her daughter was abusing drugs and alcohol and running away from home.

The Opposition New Democrats released a letter from B.C.'s director of child welfare to Fraser saying ministry policy will not consider the teen's death for a review because Carly was no longer considered a youth.  

The Canadian Press