10/09/2015 10:15 EDT | Updated 10/09/2015 10:59 EDT

7 Alberta Activities To Spook You This Halloween

7 things to get you into the Halloween spirit.

Roberta Murray via Getty Images
Spooky abandoned farm house overshadowed by large trees, Alberta

Trick-or-treating is a Halloween staple. And it turns out candy-obsessed kids can actually thank a small Albertan hamlet for the toothsome door-to-door tradition.

The first print use of the phrase "trick-or-treat" appeared in 1927 in the Blackie Herald (which would became the Lethbridge Herald), according to Smithsonian Magazine.

The more you know!

For those of us who can't quite pass as a child-sized trick-or-treater, there are plenty of other spooky activities in Alberta to get you into the Halloween spirit:

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