Teacher Gets Biology Class' Attention By Stripping

This is one way to teach science!

A biology teacher has given her seventh grade students a lesson to remember.

Debby Heerkens, a teacher at Groene Hart Rijnwoude School in the Netherlands, got her class' attention by standing up on a table and stripping down into a spandex suit.

Under her layers, the teacher first revealed a suit showing the body’s muscular structure and internal organs, before stripping down again into a suit showing the body’s skeletal system.

Speaking about her students, Heerkens told CNN, “At first they were a little bit in shock because they thought ‘the teacher is taking off her clothes,’ until they saw what was underneath.”

According to Dutch news site Omroep West, Heerkens got the idea for her creative lesson when she saw someone wearing leggings with a similar design. The teacher then found a pair online and brought it to class after running the idea past the school’s director.

Following the lesson, a video from the class was posted to the school’s Facebook page where it has now gone viral with over 62,000 views!

Biologie op Groene Hart Rijnwoude is echt supercool!!!

Posted by Groene Hart scholen on Monday, October 5, 2015

In the comments, many users praised the teacher for her unique approach for getting kids engaged in class. “I applaud this teacher for being creative in the teaching of biology,” one said.

Another wrote: “What an inspiring individual! Such a great example.”

Heerken has been teaching for seven years and always tries to incorporate creative methods to engage her students, CNN reports. However, this was the first time she wore a spandex suit to school.

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