10/09/2015 09:08 EDT | Updated 10/21/2015 01:59 EDT

Pregnancy Problems: Problems Only Expectant Moms Understand


Pregnancy comes with its own set of struggles. From cravings to back aches, it isn’t always a pretty picture. So while growing a baby is a wonderful thing, there are certain problems only expectant moms understand. Just take a look at the examples below.

1) You have to pee every two seconds

#pregnancyproblems 🚽👼 ❤️ Should I just sleep in the bathroom? Not like I sleep anyway. Who's got a comfy tub? 🛀

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2) Cravings strike out of the blue

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3) Sitting down becomes a gamble

4) You get emotional for no reason

This pregnancy has me feeling like this... #dontknowhowtofeel #readyforthisbaby #pregnancyproblems 😂😜😢😀😍😡

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5) None of your clothes fit anymore

6) Or your shoes for that matter

Had to take my brothers shoes because mine don't fit anymore. #pregnancyproblems #swollenfeet

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7) You realize “pregnancy glow” is a lie

True story!! #pregnancyproblems #30weeks #pregnancy

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8) And that staying sober is actually a struggle

24 corona sitting nice and chilled in my hallway and I can't have any 😤😩😭 #pregnancyproblems #knockedup #corona

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9) Sometimes the baby just won’t stop moving

10) Everything you eat gives you heartburn

11) Your motivation no longer exists


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12) Getting comfortable in bed is impossible

Honestly don't even know how to lay anymore 😔 so uncomfortable #pregnancyproblems

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13) Everything (and everyone) makes you irritable

😂😂 I had #thirdtrimester #29weeks #pregnant #pregnancyproblems #truth

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14) You feel fat no matter what stage you're at

15) You'll lose your feet sooner or later

16) And won't be able to reach them

17) And sometimes the baby just won't want to come out

18) So nine months feels like FOREVER

Pretty much. #pregnancyproblems #9monthspregnant #38daysleft 😩

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So to sum up…

But in the end, the struggles are totally worth it.