10/09/2015 11:01 EDT | Updated 10/09/2015 11:59 EDT

15 Reasons Why We Think Thanksgiving Is The Best

You might love Christmas, you could be all about Canada Day, but it's hard to argue that Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all.

Consider this:

You get a guaranteed long weekend (unlike those B.S. middle of the week holidays)

Plus, it always feel like it comes out of nowhere, which is the best way for a long weekend to arrive

And there's no gigantic build-up that puts way too much pressure on everyone

Or gifts to buy, other than maybe a bottle a wine

It takes place at a time when you don't fear the outdoors

In fact, you might even go so far as to enjoy the weather

And you can't compare to the seasonal decorations

The food. All. That. Good. Food.

Like the gravy that perfectly fills your mashed potato volcano

And the stuffing that fulfills all your salty, fatty, carby cravings

Or the pie. The sweet, sweet options for pie.

And possibly even better, there's the leftovers the next day, however you do them

Of course, we can't forget the real reason why this holiday is so fantastic ...

It gives you an excuse to sit back with family and friends ...

And remember exactly why you are as lucky as you are.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!