10/11/2015 10:49 EDT | Updated 10/12/2015 04:59 EDT

Harold Reynolds, Fox Sports Announcer, Insults Canada And Twitter Gets Mad

Hey Americans, remember that idiotic glowing puck disaster?


We're pretty used to Americans not knowing a lot about Canada, but every once in a while, a stray comment sets us off.

This time, it was Fox Sports announcer Harold Reynolds during Sunday night's Blue Jays vs. Rangers ALDS playoff game.

Reynolds, a former player for the Seattle Mariners among others, remarked that "because not a lot of Canadians grew up playing baseball they're not used to catching balls in the stands."

UPDATE: Reynolds apologizes, says it was a joke

The comment was not taken kindly by the many Canadians watching the crucial game, particularly those on Twitter.

Reynold's quote even got a response from former major leaguer (and Canadian) Larry Walker.

And probably our favourite tweet about the comment:

And the fact is, you come at us, we'll come back at you — with STATS:

Even Reynold's colleagues at Fox had a bit of fun at his expense. Sports anchors Dan O'Toole and Jay Onrait, both Canadians, posted this to Instagram:

Harold was right. @jayonrait

A video posted by Dan O'Toole (@fs1otoole) on

Harold should probably learn a bit more baseball history before announcing another Jays game. Canadians have been playing baseball for almost as long as Americans have. The first organized teams were created in Ontario in the 1850s. Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run in Toronto. Jackie Robinson played in Montreal before joining the Dodgers.

More recently, there's Cincinnati Reds first baseman and 2010 National League MVP Joey Votto. Votto was born in a small town called Toronto. Harold may have heard of it. They play some pretty good baseball there.

Also, we're pretty sure this butterfingers is not from Canada.

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