10/11/2015 13:28 EDT | Updated 10/11/2016 01:12 EDT

NDP ramp up opposition to TPP with ads targeting Conservatives and Liberals

NANAIMO, B.C. — The New Democrats are ramping up their campaign against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, taking their opposition to the trade deal to the airwaves and online with attack ads targeting both the governing Conservatives and the Liberals.

Tom Mulcair has already staked out political ground with his opposition to the agreement, telling supporters at rallies on Vancouver Island that voters need to ask themselves whether they trust Stephen Harper with a "secret" deal.

The text of the agreement hasn't been released, but Mulcair says they've seen enough in their briefings to predict that it will drive down Canadian wages and increase the cost of prescription drugs.

Justin Trudeau is singled out in the television ads, which started running Sunday, because the Liberals have yet to pass judgment on the accord and won't do so until they see the full text of the 12-nation agreement.

Mulcair brushed that aside on Sunday, saying Trudeau supports the deal.

Opposing the trade agreement could help the NDP arrest their slide in the polls by rallying traditional left-leaning supporters who might have been thinking of voting Liberal, and in particular it could help in tight three-way races in British Columbia.

The Canadian Press