10/09/2015 12:54 EDT | Updated 10/13/2015 05:59 EDT

Aiden Pratchett, Former Officer Accused Of Possessing Child Porn, Pleads Innocent

Pratchett has refused to give his computer password to investigators.

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PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. — A suspended RCMP officer accused of possessing child pornography says he is innocent and has no idea how the material ended up on his computer.

Aiden Pratchett couldn't offer any suggestion during questioning for who might have had access to his computer.

He also admitted under cross-examination that it is encrypted with a computer-generated password made up of more than 20 characters, which investigators have failed to crack after more than three trillion configurations.

Pratchett said nobody knows the password but him, and his wife has described it as being "locked like Fort Knox.''

The Crown also argued the files in question were traced through Pratchett's modem to his computer, and only during times where Pratchett was off shift at the detachment in Fond-du-Lac.

The judge will render his verdict in Prince Albert Provincial Court on Feb. 24.

The Crown pointed out that Pratchett told investigators he regularly checks his bandwidth, arguing that if a hacker had been using his computer to share the child pornography, he would have noticed the change in bandwidth usage.

On the stand, Pratchett admitted to being a private man who likes to be in control and that he didn't want people on his computer.

He has never provided the passwords for his computer's tower, and as a witness, said he couldn't remember them now.

The defence pointed out he also told investigators he rarely shuts off his computer, which would mean other people would be able to access its contents without needing to get past his complex passwords and encryption.


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