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This 15-Minute Back Exercise Workout Will Burn That Back Fat

And strengthen those all-important muscles in the process.

Canada's obesity rates have tripled in that last 30 years, and by 2019, an estimated one out of five Canadian adults will be obese, according to a study published recently in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Getting back into a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean drastic changes. Making little changes like consuming less processed sugar, getting enough rest and squeezing in the odd workout can will make all the difference.

The first two steps are easy to understand, but knowing the proper way to exercise can be the difference between long-term benefits and long-term injury. But thanks to Women's Health fitness editor, Jen Ator, there are quick 15-minute workout videos that will help target specific muscles, without hurting yourself.

Watch the video above to find out how to target love handles and lower back muscles.

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