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Cj Fowler Death: Pregnant Teen's Killing Not Directly Linked To Boyfriend, Lawyer Says


KAMLOOPS — The killing of a 16-year-old girl was a "tragedy of profound proportions," but was not directly linked to a man currently on trial in Kamloops, B.C., for second-degree murder, a defence lawyer has argued.

Defence and Crown lawyers wrapped up their closing arguments Tuesday in the B.C. Supreme Court trial of 24-year-old Damien Taylor.

Taylor is accused of killing CJ Fowler, whose body was found Dec. 5, 2012, by dog walkers, her face crushed and a concrete block resting on her chest.

"Crystal meth has laid waste to two families," said defence lawyer Don Campbell, who urged jurors to consider the lack of motive and pointed to "a huge, unassailable why?"

He said Fowler was pregnant with Taylor's child, the two were interdependent, always choosing to be together — even when that closeness led to bickering.

Other than what appeared to be a disagreement between the two at Royal Inland Hospital in the hours before Fowler's death, there was no history of evidence of conflict, said Campbell.

"Without her, he has nothing. Without her, he is nothing," Campbell said, urging jurors to find reasonable doubt in a case built upon circumstantial evidence.

Prosecutor Alexandra Janse said Taylor's series of lies began the evening of Dec. 5, when he told Prince George RCMP he had lost Fowler at the hospital. A video obtained later showed the statement wasn't true.

In a false confession a year after Fowler's death, Taylor told police he killed Fowler accidentally, slapping at her and slashing her throat, before dropping "boulders" on her to put her out of her misery, said Janse.

Taylor made the confession after Fowler's stepfather was brought into the interview room.

But Taylor told the jury he awoke in a crystal meth-induced psychosis to find his girlfriend dead on the ground in Guerin Creek, and he ran away after seeing a car nearby, changing his pants along the way.

"Mr. Taylor has told many lies to many people since CJ Fowler died,” said Janse.

Police found socks with Fowler's blood on them abandoned in Taylor's hotel room. He also threw away her cellphone while in Prince George.

Justice Dev Dley told jurors they should expect to begin their deliberations on Wednesday morning or afternoon.

The jury can find Taylor guilty of second-degree murder or manslaughter or acquit him.

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