10/13/2015 12:46 EDT | Updated 10/13/2016 05:12 EDT

Justin Trudeau Angles For NDP Voters In Toronto

Justin Trudeau sought to woo voters away from the NDP while countering recent attacks by Conservative Leader Stephen Harper during a campaign stop this morning in Toronto. 

The Liberal leader, speaking to supporters at a cafe in the NDP-held riding of Beaches-East York, touted progressive policies he has promised if elected on Monday while likening NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's platform to that of Harper. 

"It's clear that Tom Mulcair's NDP isn't offering real change," Trudeau told the crowd. "He would rather balance Stephen Harper's budget than invest in our communities and give families the help they need right now."

Trudeau's pitch included a nod to a local family who, he said, are working to pay down debt while saving for their children's education. Trudeau said his plan, which includes a tax cut for the middle class, would put $5,100 back into the family's pocket.

His remarks were an apparent response to the Conservatives' event on Monday, during which Harper, with help from a working mom, added up the purported impact the Liberal and NDP plans would have on the finances of everyday Canadians. 

With some polls pointing toward a Liberal minority government, Trudeau is under pressure to win over NDP faithful and, to that point, continued to rebuff talk of potential co-operation with Mulcair during a question and answer session with reporters. 

Across Ontario

All three major party leaders will make stops in Toronto and elsewhere in vote-rich Ontario today. 

Harper heads to the highly symbolic riding of Etobicoke-Lakeshore, where former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff infamously lost his seat in the 2011 campaign to Conservative Bernard Trottier.

But with the Liberals reinvigorated under Trudeau, Harper finds himself on the defensive in the riding and will choose another point of differentiation between his party and what's at stake if the Liberals form government

Mulcair starts the day in Oshawa before holding a town hall in Toronto and moving on to Brampton in the evening.

The Oshawa riding was once held by former NDP leader Ed Broadbent but has been represented by Conservative Colin Carrie since 2004.
Trudeau has a busy day, with five events on his schedule. 

He has three stops in Toronto before heading to Kitchener to meet with the mayors of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge before attending an evening Oktoberfest event in Mannheim.

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