10/13/2015 03:00 EDT

Wendy's Hickory-Smoked Pulled Pork Poutine Is An Insult To All Canadians

What on earth is going on with this "poutine"?

For a limited time, Wendy's across North America — so yes, even on Canadian soil — will be offering a hickory-smoked pulled pork poutine with a customized sauce, red onions and cheese curds (as well as fries and gravy).

It's not like we haven't seen pulled pork poutines (or other meaty variations) in the past, but there's something about the picture below that just doesn't sit right with our stomachs. From comments like "lose the onions," to "legit the most depressing thing I've seen," to "Onions on a poutine.. Please die," it's pretty clear most people are not happy about this so-called poutine.

wendys poutine

The poutine, which is 760 calories and has 1,860 mg of sodium, is also offered with a limited time pulled pork sandwich (we're not so bothered by this one). And besides just these generic toppings, you can further customize your poutine with smoky, sweet or spicy sauce ... as well as more red onions and pulled pork.

Some people took their offense (and love) to Twitter:

So why can't we look at this poutine? Is it the onions? The pork? The BBQ sauce? Would you eat it? Let us know in the comments below.

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