10/08/2015 06:53 EDT | Updated 10/14/2016 05:12 EDT

Colleen Sillito-Kruger's Family Calls For Public Inquiry

"More than anything now, we hope her death can help others.''

Colleen Lois Sillito/Facebook

EDMONTON — The family of an Alberta woman who was shot by a former boyfriend in a murder-suicide wants the provincial government to call a public inquiry.

Colleen Sillito-Kruger, 46, was killed last Friday in Fort Saskatchewan, northeast of Edmonton.

Police say her body and that of Paul Jacob, 54, were found on a driveway.

Her family says Sillito-Kruger was a victim of escalating threats and violence and had obtained a peace bond from the RCMP that was violated many times.

"We are heartbroken by her tragic and violent death and we are filled with questions about how such a horror could happen,'' the family said in a statement Thursday.

"More than anything now, we hope her death can help others.''

Jonathan Sillito, the woman's brother, said an inquiry would help determine if her case was handled properly by police.

He said any lessons learned could help prevent other women from needlessly losing their lives.

The family called on Shannon Phillips, minister responsible for the status of women, and Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley to hold public inquiries in domestic violence homicides and murder-suicides.

Sillito-Kruger's relatives say there needs to be more informed intervention to prevent future domestic violence deaths.

"We hope other women will not have to lose their lives so needlessly and other children will not have to lose their mothers so horribly.''

Alberta government officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

RCMP have said member's of the victim's immediate family were in the house during the murder-suicide, but were unharmed. Mounties have not confirmed if they were her children.

Insp. Gibson Glavin said the Sillito family shared the basic content of their statement with police before it was released to the media.

"We know that they have questions about previous RCMP interaction with Ms. Sillito and Mr. Jacob,'' he said. "And we will respect the decision of the government of Alberta regarding any action they may take in response to the Sillito family's message.''

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