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10 Spooky Cocktails To Serve At Your Halloween Party

Treat your guests with these Halloween-inspired cocktails.

Halloween is one of the biggest parties of the year and isn't complete without spooky cocktails! This week we've rounded up the top drink recipes that are creative, spooky and fun to make. These boozy drinks will be the perfect treat for your guests this Halloween.

The Girls On Bloor
If you're a tea lover, this is the cocktail for you! Using tea in cocktails has become a big trend, because it's such a simple idea, and provides huge flavour. Pumpkin chai tea is one of our favourites with cinnamon, caramel and pumpkin candy — all ingredients that remind you of Halloween.
Spend With Pennies
What's a party without punch? This layered party-favourite is perfect to serve at your Halloween bash. The different flavours from each colour make this a super fun and spooky beverage for the year's scariest holiday!
Mommyhood's Diary
Blood orange — can you think of a more perfect fruit for Halloween? This delicious bloody orange cocktail requires simple ingredients that you probably already have in your bar at home. For a spook-tacular effect, garnished with a spooky eye. It's sure to satisfy your thirsty guests.
Low-Carb, So Simple
This colour-changing Witch’s Brew cocktail will be enough to scare your guests. It might look artificial, but is actually very natural! The ingredient that gives it this changing effect is red cabbage water. Who knew? Dim your lights and let your guests try this super cool cocktail!
Smarty Had A Party
The Raven is a dark spin on a classic mojito, making it perfect for Halloween. It's super delicious and simple to make with fresh blackberries.
Self Proclaimed Foodie
This Vampire cocktail might look gory and scary, but it tastes amazing! The drink mixes fresh raspberry puree with sugar to mimic blood, with a bright, tart effect. It's the perfect addition to your Halloween bar!
My Baking Addiction
Pumpkin pie is a must for Halloween and the fall season in general. This fun, classic twist on a White Russian tastes like pumpkin pie with whipped cream and a dash of pumpkin spice.
Muy Bueno Cookbook
This cocktail puts more of a grown-up spin on Halloween, using lemon, lime, sugar, brandy and Angostoria bitters. The dry ice is optional, but if you do choose to use it, make sure you wait until the ice has completely melted before drinking, as it can burn the skin.
The Girls On Bloor
This Sour Frankenstein cocktail uses green apple-flavoured Sour Puss alongside a pucker-enhancing lemon/lime mix and blue curacao. Its red rimmer is made with grenadine, sugar and cornstarch for a super scary effect!
Nellie Bellie
This drink is unbelievably simple and easy to whip up in a hurry. This Candy Corn Punch uses Fanta orange soda, pineapple and whipped cream for an extra decadent and delicious drink. This one comes alcohol-free, but you can always add in some vodka for a more adult treat!
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