10/14/2015 02:28 EDT | Updated 10/26/2015 05:59 EDT

10 Men's Fall Shoes And Boots Trends

Gentlemen, get ready to make your shoe game strong.

Fall can be a tricky time to put your best foot forward -- at least so far as shoes and boots go. With an endless onslaught of weather variations like rain, light snow and ice constantly looming on the forecast, fashion-savvy guys on the go have to learn to balance their love of looking stylish with a need for practicality. #Hard. #Life.

But in all seriousness, it really is tricky to look good while being prepared for whatever the weather might throw at you. The biggest trends this year are more reverential than revolutionary, including a return to classic boot and shoe styles like Oxfords, brogues, derbies and Chelseas. Aim for colours that are classic to match — think browns and tans, black, deep reds and darker blues. Sneakers are also moving on up in the world, with high-tops being the preferred look this season.

While we can’t always guarantee you’ll put your best foot forward, let us get you a step in the right direction with these top men’s shoe and boot trends for fall 2015.

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