10/16/2015 05:12 EDT | Updated 10/16/2015 05:59 EDT

Australian 'Dollarydoos' Petition Seeks To Follow Example Of 'The Simpsons'

Thank goodness Tobias accepted that six-hour collect call from the States.

Thank goodness Tobias accepted that six-hour collect call from the States.

Without it, we would never have had a petition to reconstitute the Australian currency as "Dollarydoos."

One of the funniest episodes of "The Simpsons" has spawned a petition Down Under to rename its currency as a way to stimulate the Australian economy.

In the episode, Bart makes a prank call to Australia that leaves a man with a "900 dollarydoo" bill.

The prank touches off a diplomatic row with the United States.

Petitioner Thomas Probst reasons that the change would make "millions of people around the world want to get their hands on some Australian currency."

The petition, addressed to politicians including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, cabinet minister Mathias Cormann, and opposition party leaders Bill Shorten and Richard Di Natale, has gathered almost 17,000 supporters since it was first drawn up on Wednesday.

"If the leaders of this great nation have any common sense at all, they will introduce legislation to Parliament to change the name of our currency as soon as possible," Probst urged.

But why stop at currency? This particular "Simpsons" episode has plenty of other ideas for changes that could be enacted in Australia.

They could rename bullfrogs as "chazwazzers."

And there was even a new design for the Australian flag.

Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison did not return a request for comment to 9news.

Even they can't get an answer out of this crazy hemisphere!

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