10/16/2015 12:53 EDT

Prune Recipes: 28 Sweet And Savoury Ways To Eat More Prunes

Hey, prunes aren't just for digestion.

Jamie Oliver

Prunes might be best known as tools to help constipation and bad digestion, but don't confine these dried-up plums into only these labels.

In fact, cooking with prunes can come with tasty results from baked goods to hearty salads perfect for fall. About 100 grams of prune contains seven grams of fibre, and because they are already high in natural sugar (about 38 grams), it is the perfect sugar substitute for baking.

This week we rounded up sweet and savoury ways to enjoy prunes this month. From prune cakes (so many varieties) to prune-based stews to prune and chicken, let us know how you like to eat your prunes.

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