10/16/2015 01:26 EDT | Updated 10/16/2016 05:12 EDT

Saskatoon Snowblower Thefts Have Police Puzzled

Thirty machines were taken.

Frank Cezus via Getty Images
A man operating a snow blower while snow continues to fall; the resulting spray and the windblown snow partially hide the operator.

SASKATOON — Somebody must be expecting a pretty tough winter.

Police in Saskatoon are swept up in an investigation into the theft early Wednesday morning of $25,000 worth of new snowblowers.

Thirty machines, with brand names such as Ariens and Toro, were stolen during a break-in at a local business compound.

The snowblowers were still in boxes when they were taken.

Police indicate the equipment includes both single-stage and dual-stage blowers.

The public is being asked to clear a path to the police department's door if they have any information on the theft.

Businesses are also being encouraged to check their security and consider increasing their lighting, alarms or private security patrol.

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