10/16/2015 08:23 EDT

Lockdown Lifted At Wilfrid Laurier University's Waterloo Campus


UPDATE: Administrators and police have lifted the lockdown at Wilfrid Laurier University late on Friday morning.

Police said that the FBI informed local police of a tip which prompted an investigation and lockdown, Waterloo Police said at a press conference.

Various media outlets were reporting that a threat directed at Laurier was posted on online group 4chan. The Cord, Laurier's student paper posted a screen capture of the threat on Twitter.

4chan gained notoriety recently due to its role in a recent campus shooting in Oregon. The CBC reported that the shooter in the Umpqua College shooting may have posted a warning to the group before committing the acts.


The Waterloo, Ont. campus of Wilfrid Laurier University is on lockdown as of Friday morning, a press release on the University's website said.

All classes and meetings have been cancelled until further notice and the administration is urging staff and students to stay away from the campus. According to Laurier's academic calendar, the campus is currently on its Reading Week break.

According to the release, the university received a threat and informed law enforcement who are now investigating.

The CBC is reporting that the threat was made online and that the FBI and RCMP have been brought in to help the investigation.

Local reporter Mark Douglas tweeted a photo from the campus.

University of Waterloo, just a few blocks west of Laurier, confirms its campus remains open on Friday morning.