10/16/2015 02:52 EDT | Updated 10/16/2015 02:59 EDT

Where The World Series-Winning Blue Jays Are Now

"Touch 'em all, Joe!"


With all the Blue Jays hype going on right now — including their participation in the greatest inning of baseball in modern sports history — it's hard not to get flashbacks of the team's heyday, a.k.a. '92 and '93.

Those two World Series-winning years marked a time when the names of the Jays' roster were on every Canadians' lips, and one had only to utter the words, "Touch 'em all, Joe!" in order to get full-fledged grown-ups to re-enact Joe Carter's epic game six home run against the Philadelphia Phillies.

So with all the excitement building about the Jays and their potential to make it to the World Series again this year — not to mention all the former players cheering them on from the sidelines — we thought it was high time to take a look at where the most memorable players of the World Series Blue Jays are now.

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