10/18/2015 16:48 EDT | Updated 10/18/2016 01:12 EDT

A selection of offbeat moments from Sunday on the federal campaign trail

OTTAWA — A selection of offbeat moments from Sunday's developments on the campaign trail:



After they're elected, politicians sometimes face criticism for representing Ottawa's interests at the expense of their constituencies. So it was a bit awkward when, while stumping for Liberal candidates in Edmonton, Justin Trudeau mixed up one of his talking points.

"I want them to work hard to be your voice here in Edmonton and not, your voice in Ottawa and not Edmonton's voice ... let me start that one again," he said, eliciting laughter from party supporters before he got it right.

"I want them to work hard to be your voice in Ottawa and not Ottawa's voice in Edmonton. ... I've said it often enough."



Asked about his top concern hours before the election, Trudeau offered a personal response.

"I have to admit I'm spending a lot of time thinking about the fact that I don't get to be with my son for his birthday today," he said, referring to his son Xavier, who turned eight. "I'm going to have to make it up to him in the coming days."

As it happens, it also would have been the birthday for Trudeau's father. The late Pierre Elliott Trudeau would have been 96 on Sunday.

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