Canada's Election Had Hashtags A Plenty During This Campaign

Which hashtag were you?

Voter apathy? Where? It seems like pretty much everyone has been talking about the federal election since August, both in real life (ahem, IRL) and on social media, and we've got the hashtags to prove it. Which hashtag were you?

What started as an effort to raise voter engagement on Whitedog reserve in northern Ontario has become a national conversation to engage Indigenous voters. Deanna Carpenter and Kirk Cameron started holding voter registration clinics together, helping their community with community outreach, collecting promotional materials from candidates themselves, and helping first-time voters along the way. First Nations, Metis, and Inuit voters have been encouraged to join in and post on social media using #rockthevote, along with post-vote selfies, of course. #RockTheIndigenousVote and #fnpoli have also been active

Early adopters united on the Thanksgiving long weekend to vote in advance polling, and couldn't resist documenting their voting pride on social media to give others voting FOMO. The results were spectacular – 3.6 million people voted in four days.

Yes, we voted on advance polling too !

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Students across the country were educating themselves during this campaign, taking youth issues and everything else to heart. Even though they're under the legal voting age, that hasn't stopped them from participating in mock elections. Only time will tell if their results mirror the rest of the country’s.

As the defacto election hashtag, #elxn42 is bursting with all aspects of the voting conversation. But we all know wit triumphs over all. By weighing in using 140 characters or less, Canadians made the Internet equivalent of micdrops across social media.

(Aw, c'mon, we had to!)

What campaign would be complete without some suave one-liners?