10/18/2015 10:44 EDT | Updated 10/18/2016 01:12 EDT

Mulcair aims for no distractions as he sprints to the campaign finish line

TORONTO — Tom Mulcair evidently wants no distractions as he sprints to the finish line.

The NDP leader isn't planning to take questions as he barnstorms through election battlegrounds in Toronto and Montreal on Sunday, the last day before Monday's election.

He started the day in the hotly contested riding of University-Rosedale, where New Democrat Jennifer Hollett is locked in a tough fight with Liberal incumbent Chrystia Freeland.

Throughout the campaign, Mulcair has said his principal opponent is Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and that his job is to defeat and replace him.

But on the eve of the election, he directed most of his stump speech attacks Sunday at Justin Trudeau's Liberals, who polls have suggested are out in front and could possibly form a minority government.

The NDP could hold the balance of power in a hung Parliament — or end up as a junior partner in some form of informal coalition — scenarios that Mulcair has refused to discuss.

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