10/19/2015 11:22 EDT | Updated 10/19/2015 11:59 EDT

The Costumes You NEED To Avoid For Halloween 2015

Whatever you do, do not wear these costumes for Halloween

Halloween is a favourite dress-up holiday, but some see it as an excuse to show off their poor taste and social ignorance.

Sure, there have been lots of viral moments this year that deserve some wink-and-nudging, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress up as the awful ones, especially if your costume involves cultural appropriation, mocking real people who are in distress, or plain ol’ racism.

And then there are the costumes that parody people who have done vile things. We say: just don’t go there, for the sake of those they’ve harmed and for your own reputation as a decent human being.

Look, you still want to be terrible? There are tons of appalling costumes that don’t come at the expense of others. If you must be a distasteful meme, you can go as sexy Pizza Rat or as a walking, talking, green turd. Just don’t be that person who walks into the party to dropped jaws and painful winces because your costume is .

Avoid these terrible costume ideas below at all costs:

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