10/19/2015 07:17 EDT | Updated 10/19/2015 07:59 EDT

Canada Election 2015: Early Results From Rest Of Country Won't Matter Much To B.C. Voters, Says Expert

VANCOUVER - A political expert says knowing election results from elsewhere in Canada will likely not affect how Western Canadians cast their ballots.

David Moscrop of the University of B.C.'s political science department says there's a small window of time between results being released from the Atlantic, Central and Newfoundland regions to when polls close in the West.

Results from those regions will start trickling in by late afternoon and voters in Western Canada will be able to see the results.

Moscrop says a close race between the three main parties elsewhere in Canada might trigger a higher turnout in the West, if voters think they could decide the outcome of the election.

The federal government changed the blackout law years after Paul Bryan of B.C. challenged the ban on releasing results after the 2000 election, but lost his case years later in the Supreme Court of Canada.

Moscrop says a ban against releasing early results was "silly" in the age of social media, especially because polls across the country will close at staggered times and there won't be a big time gap before everyone knows the final outcome.

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