10/19/2015 10:22 EDT | Updated 10/19/2015 10:59 EDT

8 Other Uses For Dryer Sheets

You probably go through several dryer sheets throughout the week, but with some of these hacks, you might need to buy a new box.

In the video above by Good Housekeeping, learn how to use plain old dryer sheets to do everything from making your shower glass shine to keeping your gym bag smelling fresh and clean.

Another useful tip (and one that is mentioned in the video) is using dryer sheets to clean greasy and burnt pots. Bethany Braun, writer at, says throw one sheet into the soapy water of the pot or pan you are soaking, wait at least an hour and your cookware will seem brand new. "All the grease and grime comes right off with barely any scrubbing," she adds.

Watch the video and let us know, what's your favourite dryer sheet hack?

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