10/20/2015 00:20 EDT | Updated 10/19/2016 01:12 EDT

Bloc Quebecois improves seat count, fights for official status

MONTREAL — The Bloc Quebecois improved its seat count on Monday but it appeared as though it would fall just short of official party status.

After winning a mere four seats in 2011, the Bloc won or was leading in 10 ridings, just two off the magic number of 12.

Leader Gilles Duceppe lost his Montreal riding of Laurier-Sainte-Marie for the second straight election as incumbent NDP MP Helene Laverdiere again emerged victorious in their head-to-head battle.

Mario Beaulieu, who was replaced by Duceppe as leader this past June, won his riding, as did Louis Plamondon, an ever-present in the Commons since 1984.

About 300 supporters crammed into a Montreal theatre, sipping beer and cheering mightily as each Bloc win was flashed on the big screen.

With the party entering the campaign with just two seats, the Bloc's performance on Monday will be viewed by many party supporters as a positive result.

The Canadian Press