10/20/2015 12:38 EDT | Updated 10/20/2015 12:59 EDT

Edmonton Court Hears Sobs From Mother Of Toddler Killed In Crash

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EDMONTON — The mother of a toddler who died when a vehicle crashed into a restaurant patio sobbed as a surveillance video of the tragedy was played in court.

Two-year-old Geo Mounsef was killed and four other members of his family injured in May 2013 when an SUV driven by Richard Suter went through a glass partition at Ric's Grill, an upscale restaurant in southwest Edmonton.

Suter, now 65, had been parked in front of the restaurant, and the surveillance tape showed him accelerating and then reversing several feet.

A sentencing hearing began Monday for Suter, who has pleaded guilty to refusing to provide a breath sample when there is death, a charge that carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Suter had originally faced charges including impaired driving causing death and the boy's mother, Sage Morin, had previously testified Suter appeared intoxicated, but he has continued to maintain he was not drunk at the time.

Last January, Suter told police he had been abducted from his home by three people who posed as police officers.

He said he was blindfolded, driven to a rural area and his thumb was cut off. A man was later charged in the case.

His lawyer said it was the second attack on the family in 18 months.

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