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Jasmine Tookes And Tobias Sorenson Share Their Best Relationship Advice

It's not what you'd expect!

"Always keep the [bathroom] door closed."

That’s the secret to a good, long-lasting relationship, according to Jasmine Tookes.

The 24-year-old model, who currently stars alongside real-life beau, Tobias Sorenson in Calvin Klein’s Eternity Now ads, laughs as she tells us this nugget of wisdom during the press event for the fragrance in Toronto.

Twenty-seven year-old Sorenson, who sits by her side, defensively says, "I always do!"

"I know you do," Tookes reassures him. "But that’s my thing. Keep the private things private. I say, 'You shut the door! Or I won’t date you anymore!'"

If we should be taking relationship advice from any high-profile couple, it’s these two. Three and a half years into their relationship, and it’s clear that they’re very much in love. You can tell by their body language, the way they riff off of each other’s sentences, and the adoring looks they give each other. That chemistry in their steamy ad campaign? One hundred per cent real. And if you have yet to see their Instagram accounts, well, be prepared for some major #relationshipgoals.

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The couple first met at a nightclub, and after "staring at each other from across the room for a while," as Tookes says, Sorenson finally asked for her number.

"I gave him the wrong number at first," she recalls, with a giggle. But by the end of the night, after Tobias asked her out for a coffee, she took his phone and inserted her real number.

"Her girlfriends must have talked some sense into her," Tobias says with a wink.

After that, it was the waiting game.

"It took a while, I think she was playing a little hard to get, we were both playing the game, I would text her three days later, she would text me four days later," explains Tobias.

After two months, they finally went on a date, and from that point on became inseparable.

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"From that day, she pretty much lived with me. She had an apartment, she was paying rent, and I believe we slept in that apartment two or three times for a whole year, and she paid a whole lot of money!"

Shortly after, Jasmine decided she wanted to go on vacation –-- something, as you can tell by their social media accounts, the couple now does often. The two booked a last-minute flight to Turks and Caicos, spending seven days together.

"We barely knew each other!" Jasmine reveals. "But it was a great time."

Since then, travelling as become a key factor in keeping their relationship "fresh" and "never boring."

"That’s definitely something that we love doing together, and it just gives the relationship a new spark," Tobias says.

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A photo posted by Jasmine Tookes (@jastookes) on

In general, they’ve kept their relationship alive with a healthy balance of excitement and comfort (they’re totally not above Netflix and chillSeamless, and love watching "The Bachelor in Paradise" together). However, Tobias says the secret to any strong relationship is to never get too comfortable.

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"What I love about Jasmine, is she can definitely wear her workout clothes and just her pyjamas and still look good, but she also knows when to be really ladylike and put on her stilettos and makeup," he says.

"I’m a girly girl, but I still like to be a bum!" she exclaims.

As for the best relationship advice they’ve ever received?

"To never lie and to always communicate," says Jasmine.

"And to treat your partner the way you want to be treated back," Tobias adds.

Duly noted.

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