10/20/2015 12:38 EDT | Updated 10/20/2015 12:59 EDT

Justin Trudeau's Cabinet Expected To Feature Star Liberals

Expect to see some familiar boldface names in Trudeau's cabinet.

OTTAWA - A former Canadian Forces lieutenant-general who is riding the wave of Liberal red all the way to the House of Commons is among those who could be in line for a plum position on Justin Trudeau's front bench.se

Andrew Leslie, who spent 35 years in the military, has won Orleans back from the Conservatives, who wrested it from the Grits in 2006.

The former military leader is considered one of the party's stars, along with retired Toronto police chief Bill Blair, who were sought out to help offset the perception of Trudeau as inexperienced.

Leslie hasn't said if he's been promised a cabinet position but he won't rule it out.

Leslie, who began partnering with the Liberals to give Trudeau military advice, secured the Orleans nomination in December 2014 - but not without controversy.

Former Liberal leadership hopeful and 2011 Orleans candidate David Bertschi suggested his candidacy had been blocked by party brass to clear the way for Leslie. Officials said Bertschi, a lawyer by trade, was sidelined by $150,000 of debt from his leadership campaign.

Orleans is one of several Ontario battlegrounds where the Liberals made a concerted effort to go after the Conservatives - so-called "red-blue'' fights as part of the party's national strategy.


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