10/19/2015 21:08 EDT | Updated 10/19/2016 01:12 EDT

Lake Winnipeg report calls for protection of wetlands, study of erosion

WINNIPEG — A massive new report on Lake Winnipeg says the province must permanently protect remaining wetlands, try and restore others, and study erosion of the shoreline.

The report also calls on provincial officials to make sure they’re studying the environmental impact before granting licences for Manitoba Hydro projects.

In all, the 200-page report by the Clean Environment Commission makes more than 30 recommendations.

The report was written after public hearings involving 300 people and 20 Manitoba communities that took place between January and May 2015.

It concludes that Manitoba Hydro regulation of the lake has reduced the extent of flooding that would have been experienced during the heavy precipitation years of the last two decades.

Conservation Minister Tom Nevakshonoff says he’ll study the recommendations and proceed with "appropriate implementation."

“The report presents a substantial and thoughtful approach to the regulation of one of our most important water bodies," he says.

(CJOB, The Canadian Press)


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