10/20/2015 09:32 EDT | Updated 10/20/2016 01:12 EDT

New Brunswick Police Commission meets to discuss possible Police Act changes

FREDERICTON — The New Brunswick Police Commission is calling for changes to the province's Police Act and is holding two days of meetings in Fredericton to discuss proposed amendments.

The commission has released a discussion paper with 30 possible changes, ranging from the length of disciplinary investigations to suspension without pay.

The commission has been calling for changes for the last two years, but the issue became public recently when Fredericton police Chief Leanne Fitch suggested the need to be able to suspend officers without pay.

She called a news conference in August to talk about the suspension of five of her officers.

Commission executive director Steve Roberge says police chiefs, civic authorities and the RCMP are attending the discussions in Fredericton.

He says it's disappointing that union representatives and the minister of public safety declined to take part.


The Canadian Press