10/19/2015 20:34 EDT | Updated 10/19/2016 01:12 EDT

Spectators torn between Jays game and federal election in Toronto

TORONTO — Baseball fans and political junkies alike have gathered at a west-end Toronto bar to take in the blue moon of a Blue Jays playoff game alongside a federal election.

The owners of The Longest Yard have been broadcasting election nights — federal, provincial and municipal — since 2000.

But the bar owned by Debra DeMonte and Gwyn Williams is among only a few in the city showing both the baseball game and the results of the election tonight. 

Williams says they've long embraced sports and politics, part of the trifecta of subjects mainly discussed at bars — the third being sex.

He says baseball is similar to politics in that there is a winner and a loser and the result is usually due to someone capitalizing on another's mistakes.

Mike O'Connor says he came down to the bar because it's the only place he knows that will show both the game and the election, which he calls the perfect combination for a Monday night.

The Canadian Press