10/20/2015 10:36 EDT | Updated 10/20/2015 10:59 EDT

#ThankYouStephenHarper: PM Lauded, Mocked On Twitter After Defeat

Some took to Twitter to celebrate his record. Others, to bash it.

For Stephen Harper, losing to Justin Trudeau — and losing in such a dramatic way — must cut deep.

It's well known that the polarizing tenure of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau largely motivated Harper to join public life in 1993. It was said throughout the campaign that the idea of losing to Pierre Trudeau's son was something of a nightmare for the Conservative leader.

But when he conceded defeat Monday night in Calgary, Harper was gracious and cheerful. He offered the Liberal leader his congratulations and said he accepted the results "without hesitation."

As Harper spoke to the Tory faithful, the president of the Conservative Party of Canada confirmed that the party will soon begin the process of finding a new leader.

Trudeau, meanwhile, reminded euphoric supporters in Montreal of the many sacrifices Harper made in service to Canada for nearly a decade, particularly when it came to his family.

"As with anyone who has devoted their life to this country, we thank him for his service," Trudeau said.

On Monday night, some Canadians took to Twitter to similarly thank Harper and highlight achievements. Others, however, used the trending hashtag — #ThankYouStephenHarper — to take sarcastic jabs at his record and controversies.

The sincere messages

The not-so-sincere messages