Zooey Deschanel Baby: The Star Picks An Unusual Name For Her Daughter

The "New Girl" star gave birth in July.

Three months after giving birth, Zooey Deschanel has finally revealed her baby girl’s name — and it’s just as quirky as we’d expect. According to People, the “New Girl” star and her husband Jacob Pechenik have chosen the name Elsie Otter.

“Like the animal,” the 35-year-old mom explained.

Deschanel is known for her whimsical style and personality, so her unusual baby name choice is no surprise.

Interestingly, the “New Girl” star isn’t the only celebrity to choose a unique moniker inspired by nature. Earlier this year, Jeff Goldblum named his first child Charlie Ocean and last year, Kate Winslet named her son Bear Blaze.

Elsie Otter is the first child for Deschanel and Pechenik. A month before their daughter was born, the couple secretly tied the knot in Texas.

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